Boko Haram is back, armed with advanced American drones

2019-09-15 13:14:28

The September 13 report by NYT, titled, “Boko Haram is Back. With Better Drones,” which are mainly American ones.

The report has painted a depressingly grim picture of the Nigerian military in their battle against Boko Haram, claiming the terrorist sect has returned to the battlefront stronger and better armed. The story becomes noticeable when it happens exactly after the hawkish American Senator, Lindsey Graham threatens to bomb Iran’s refineries.

According to the report, Nigeria’s war against the terrorist group, Boko Haram, was meant to have been over by now, a situation President Muhammadu Buhari also boasted about when he alluded to the progress so far recorded in the fight against the sect.

The report noted that despite repeatedly declaring that Boko Haram had been “technically defeated”, “A full decade into the war, however, Boko Haram militants are still roaming the countryside with impunity, though it seems West can revive them anytime it wants to achieve its goals.

“Their fighters now have more sophisticated drones than the military and are well armed after successful raids on military brigades.”

It is worth mentioning that Chad, in central Africa, has always been a centre for Zionists and western agents to train and arm terrorist groups such as Daesh and Boko Haram.

NYT report quoted local politicians and security analysts as some of its sources.

Contrary to recent reports by the Nigerian military that there was no territory under the control of the insurgents, the New York Times report said, “Militants control four of the 10 zones in northern Borno State, near Lake Chad,” adding, “They are pulling off almost-daily attacks, including opening fire last week on the convoy of the governor of Borno State (Babagana Umara Zulum).

It is not more than 24 hours that the US hawkish senator, Lindsey Graham, has threatened to bomb Iran's refineries. This threat is in line with US claim to reduce Iran's oil export to zero. Following US's failure in achieving this goal, it seems it seeks to arm terrorist groups to do so.