Ethiopia PM in US, no meeting with officials

2018-07-26 11:35:39

Africa's youngest head of government, Ethiopia's prime minister, will visit the United States this week "with the sole purpose of engaging Ethiopia's large Diaspora community".

The Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Washington D.C. on 28 July, followed by one-day trips to Los Angeles and Minneapolis. There has been no announcement of meetings with U.S. government officials.

A website created for the tour says the focus on the Diaspora "reinforces the concern the PM has already shown with regard to the welfare and dignity of Ethiopians around the globe."

Visitors are encouraged to submit questions for the prime minister to answer.

Dr Abiy Ahmed has astonished everyone with his breath-taking initiatives: making peace with neighboring Eritrea after 10 years of war plus 20 years of hostilities; helping mend a three-decade split in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; backing an ambitious health and development agenda; and calling for multi-party democracy in a country that has never had it. And that's only since he took office on 2 April.

The prime minister will seek support for his newly announced Diaspora Trust Fund, designed to "boost savings and investment, as well as support collective national initiatives."