Hollywood Cut - Anti-Iran III

A special show exposing Hollywood's hidden agenda as determined by its moguls and manipulators.

Uzairu Badamasi

Mustapha Gadon Kaya

Fadar Bege

Uzairu Badamasi

Mustapha Gadon kaya

Fadar Bege

Nima Golzari

Morteza Falahati

Mohsen Jalil Azad

Mohammad Dastmozadi

Malek mansion

Malek Mansion is an historic building complex located in the central part of Bushehr. This historic mansion is located in Bahmani Square, and was built by French architects in the Qajar period under the command of a merchant named Malik Al-Tojjar using local construction material. On one of his business trips to Paris, he met a French man and since he liked the French man’s house, he hired the same architect and built a magnificent building.

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